What are the best ways to make money investments in Dubai?

lump-sum investment

The UAE is ranked 1st in the gulf region and 4th best country in the world when it comes to making money investments. The unexceptional returns, low taxes on capital gains, dynamic, and highly favorable and competitive business environment are all the things that make the UAE a highly preferred place for lump sum investments. If you are an ex-pat and want to learn about different investment options in Dubai, then keep on reading.

Before you decide on where to invest your money, make sure you understand your current situation, set up clear & realistic investment goals, create your personal budget, and consult an investment expert to build an investment strategy and portfolio.

Some of the best ways to are as follows:

  1. Child Investment Plan (CIP)

If you have children who are still studying and dependent on you, a Child Investment Plan may be the right choice for you. Many life insurance companies offer child investment plans, which are also known as child insurance plans.

As a parent, you can submit monthly/yearly premium or lump sum amount to accumulate a corpus that can be withdrawn in the future to fulfill your children’s educational needs, such as high-school graduation, college graduation, or marriage.

Besides, this plan also offers a death benefit in the event of the untimely demise of parents.

  1. Endowment Investment Plan (EIP)

It is a type of life insurance plan that ensures that the policyholder still receives a lump sum compensation amount even if he/she survives the tenure of the policy.

Generally, life insurance plans pay up only if the insured person dies during the plan’s tenure. However, endowment plans divide premiums into two parts where one part is used to build a corpus and another is used as payment for term life insurance benefits.

Once your plan matures, you will be given the corpus to ensure that you and your family remain safe regardless of how things turn out.

  1. Annuity Investment Plan (AIP)

In an annuity investment plan, you make a lump sum investment initially when you buy the plan. Alternatively, you can also choose to pay a regular monthly or yearly premium.

Then, the invested amount gets locked in for a certain period and, once your plan hits maturity, you will start receiving a regular payment as an income from the plan provider. Or, you can also receive the compensation amount as a lump sum benefit.

There can be some insurance coverage in these plans as well.

  1. Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIP)

If you want to go ahead with high-risk and higher returns, unit-linked insurance plans might be the best choice for you. Just like endowment investment plans, in ULIP, one part of the paid premium goes to insurance benefits and the other goes to your investment. You also have the option to make a lump sum payment in the beginning.

In Unit Linked Insurance Plans, you can choose from a range of available investment options. The insurer combines the money invested by all policyholders, including you, and invests it in the venture of their choice. The total corpus amount is divided into units and each policyholder is allotted units based on their investment level. Finally, policyholders get their returns depending on how many units they hold.

Some of the other lump sum investment options include fixed deposit accounts and retirement investment plans.

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