Medical Insurance in Dubai


Finding the right healthcare plan can be overwhelming when you take a look at different healthcare insurance plans offered by a range of medical insurance companies in Dubai. A good health insurance policy would usually cover medical expenses made towards doctor consultation fees, costs towards medical tests, ambulance charges, hospitalization costs, and even post-hospitalization recovery costs to a certain extent.

At New Age Insurance Brokers, our insurance experts are always ready to help you understand the benefits and limitations of different types of medical insurance available in Dubai.

Are you searching for good medical insurance for your family or just parents in Dubai? Are you looking for a health plan that works best for an individual? Or, do you need to buy corporate medical insurance in Dubai that offers the cost effective benefits to your business and employees? We are here to help to you.

Mandatory Health Insurance Coverage in Dubai

What does Mandatory Health Insurance mean for you as an employee?

The mandatory health insurance coverage is under the Dubai Health Insurance Law that came into existence in January 2014. According to the law, every visa sponsor is now responsible for providing a mandatory basic health insurance plan to all ex-pats regardless of their salaries. By this, the Dubai government makes sure that even the low-paid employees, mostly those who work under AED 4,000 can also have access to adequate healthcare service.

Health insurance plans in Dubai can significantly vary depending on the cost and coverage. While most of the health insurance packages don’t include optical and dental coverage, you can have these covered for a higher cost in premium medical insurance plans.

In Dubai, you have easy access to hospitals and clinics that are listed under your policy. With a more comprehensive health coverage plan, you can also have access to a better and more extensive health network of hospitals and other healthcare providers in the emirate.

Types of Health Insurance Coverage

Basic Health Insurance Coverage

With basic health insurance coverage, you can have access to hospitals and clinics under DHA (Dubai Health Authority). Currently, DHA has a large network of clinics and hospitals all across Dubai offering easy and quick access to medical care. The basic health insurance coverage is specifically designed for ex-pats with lower salaries.

Comprehensive Health Insurance Coverage

A comprehensive health insurance policy offers extensive coverage and acts as a financial pillow in case of medical emergencies. Unlike basic health insurance plans, a comprehensive policy covers outpatient access to hospitals as well as inpatient treatments and a wide range of medical services, including consultations, medical tests, and emergency medical care.

Be it corporate medical insurance, basic or comprehensive individual healthcare plan, group medical insurance plans, or cancer insurance, you can rely on us to pick the best plan for you and your loved ones.

What are the components included in health insurance in Dubai?

  • Sum Insured –the amount of money that an insurance company is obligated to cover in the event of a covered loss. The sum insured amount is dependent upon the premium price that is being paid for the insurance coverage.
  • Network Provider – the level or category of the medical facilities that would accept the insured members for medical treatments and procedures. This includes a wide range of clinics, medical centers, hospitals, care units, diagnostic centers, laboratories, radiology facilities, dental offices, pharmacies, rehabilitation, and other medical units.
  • Wellness Benefits – specific benefits considered as “extra” than the usual medical cover. Wellness benefits include Vaccinations, Dental, Vision, and Hearing which usually can be provided through a separate plan. Once included in the same medical policy, the premium can increase and would extend only a particular sub-limit of cover.
  • Maternity – a special cover to assist in gestation or pregnancy, delivery, and post-natal period. This is a standard benefit for married females that cannot be removed from any Dubai health insurance
  • Claims Reimbursement – It is the provision of the plan to cover members outside of the network, or where a service is received in a facility that is not contracted with the health insurer for the specific plan involved.

Note that not all health policies allow reimbursement, and if at all will be allowed, it is subject to the policy terms. Normally, reimbursement is not in full and might not be based on the actual cost. The health insurer may accept the reimbursement but will process it based on their usual and customary rates, applying only a specific percentage and any involved cost-sharing options. Hence, it is best and advisable to stick with the network for any medical treatment.

When purchasing health insurance in Dubai, you must consider a few things, including the waiting period, conditions for pre-existing illnesses, premium amount you need to pay, claim settlement ratio and if you can pay premium as lump sum, monthly, quarterly, or annually, and other factors.

Do you need cancer insurance in Dubai? We can help.

In Dubai, as of January 2019, expats in Dubai with basic health insurance have coverage for three common types of common, including cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and breast cancer. However, basic medical insurance covers only nominal costs associated with health and cancer treatments.

If you wish to get proper coverage for cancer treatment, we can help you explore different cancer insurance plans and find the best one for your cancer treatment needs.

How to Submit Your Medical Claim?

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