Lump-Sum Investments


Lump-Sum Investments in Dubai through New Age Insurance Brokers

When people get a substantial sum of money from an inheritance, bonus at work, or even selling property, they hardly know what to do with this money. Some use the money to go on their dream vacation while others make major home improvements and before they know it, the money is gone, with not much to show for it.

No doubt when you get a lump-sum amount, you may feel empowered but rather than spending it, you should think about investing it so that it can grow and create wealth for better retirement planning and helping you to live your dreams. That is where New Age Insurance Brokers comes in. We provide you with avenues for making lump sum investment in Dubai that ensures maximum returns that matches your risk profile.

Is Bank Deposit the Right Choice to Get the Best Out of Lump Sum Amount?

While there are several lump sum investment opportunities in the UAE, you should for those that are safe and reduce your tax burden while maximizing returns.

Even today, people believe that a bank account is the safest way to let money multiple. While a bank does offer you easy access and security, interest rates across the world are the lowest they have ever been. So, if you put your money in your bank account, you will see negligible capital growth.

Also, let’s not forget that bank interest rates are no longer keeping up with prevailing inflation. Hence, this may not be the best option when it comes to lump sum investment in the UAE.

We, at New Age Insurance Brokers, usually recommend to our clients to avoid turning to bank deposits if they are serious about capital growth. Instead, we educate them about lump-sum investment options that have the potential to create wealth and can be easily aligned to their financial goals and appetite for risk.

Understanding Lump-Sum Investments in Dubai

Investing in a lump sum in a plan without knowing about its pros and cons can be very risky, especially when the market is volatile. However, when you do the same after consulting investment experts, your lump sum can help you create more wealth.

When you have a substantial amount of money, it is possible to get access to high-performing plans in Dubai. We have a team of investment experts, who can shortlist plans that suit your needs.

Our team of investment experts can help you select lump-sum investment options available in Dubai based on the kind of returns you are seeking and your attitude towards risk. This enables us to match the investment options that is the right fit for you.

We usually recommend that you invest for medium to long-term as this ensures your money has the opportunity to grow. However, shorter term options are also available, if that is what you desire. Our investment experts will sit with you and explain how the lump-sum can grow in different scenarios so that you get an estimate and can make an informed investment choice.

Why Choose New Age Insurance Brokers for Lump Sum Investments?

New Age Insurance Brokers has been in the world of investment for a long time (more than 12 years). We boast a highly qualified team of investment experts, who take pride in customizing the best lump sum investment solutions for our clients across the UAE.

Our company is renowned for its stellar customer service and we aim to provide personalized lump sum investment solutions after understanding your financial goals. So, if you would like to find out more about lump-sum investments in Dubai, UAE, get in touch with us today. Our investment experts will sit with you to chart out an investment plan that is right for your needs.

Want to Talk to Our Investment Experts?

You can talk to our investment experts directly by calling us at 04 357 3378. Or, you can fill out our enquiry form. We will be happy to consult you on lump sum investments and retirement planning in Dubai, UAE.