Group Medical Insurance


In an environment where companies have to maintain a delicate balance between providing good medical insurance to their employees to attract and retain good talent; and keeping costs under control; a reliable insurance broker is extremely important.

In Dubai, mandatory health insurance coverage, under the Dubai Health Insurance Law, came into existence in January 2014. According to the law, every sponsor is now responsible for providing a mandatory basic health insurance plan to all ex-pats regardless of their salaries. By this, Dubai government made sure that even the low paid employees, mostly who work under AED 4,000 can also have access to adequate healthcare.

Health insurance plans can significantly vary depending on the cost and coverage. While most of the health insurance packages don’t include optical and dental coverage, you can have these covered for a higher cost in premium medical insurance plans. In Dubai, you can have the list of hospitals and clinics that are listed on your cover. With more comprehensive health coverage plan, you can also have an access to a better and extensive health network of hospitals and other healthcare providers

At New Age Insurance Brokers, we appreciate and understand the importance of striking the right balance between costs and benefits. Our decades of experience serving companies of all sizes and relationships with all the leading insurance companies in the region has enabled us to provide the right solution to our clients while keeping budgets intact. In addition, our dedicated claims team is always present to help you and your employees navigate the somewhat cumbersome claims process various insurance companies may have.