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New Age Insurance Brokers LLC has over 500 man-years of cumulative qualified professional experience in the United Arab Emirates. Since 2008, we are the leading insurance broking company in Dubai, UAE, providing unbiased insurance and investment solutions.

Our Vision

To be the trusted advisor in providing protection and investment solutions to our clients

Our Mission

To fulfill the aspirations of all stakeholders: clients, employees, insurance companies, and shareholders with integrity.


Speak to one of our expert advisors to discover solutions that could suit your unique financial profile and goals


No one has control over accidents and illnesses. Our dedicated insurance advisors can guide you on your individual and business insurance needs

Financial Planning

We all want to enjoy the best things during our retirement - things and experiences we always postponed because we were busy. Read More

Corporate General Insurance

We can offer various types of insurance cover to protect businesses against loss of value of various assets due to unexpected events such as accidents, fire, and theft. Read More

Corporate Employee Benefits

Ensure the financial stability of your employees in case of health and other life threatening emergencies. Good insurance solutions for the employees is a must to attract and retain good talent. Read More

Individual Motor Insurance

We can offer you competitive prices and benefits for your auto insurance from various leading national and international companies Read More

Individual Medical Insurance

In today’s world, medical costs are on the rise and absence of a right medical plan could have a devastating effect on your finances Read More

Marine Cargo Insurance

Comprehensive Guide to Marine Cargo Insurance

Though Dubai is a bustling hub of international trade, business owners are often concerned about shipping goods across oceans. They are concerned about the safety of their cargo to avoid any financial crisis. To ensure the safety of your cargo, the only solution is Marine Cargo Insurance. In this comprehensive […]

Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance: What It Covers, What It Excludes, and How to Claim

As a boat owner, Hull insurance is your lifeline to stay afloat financially when catastrophe strikes. This comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know about protecting your marine investment. What Is Marine Hull Insurance? Marine Hull insurance, often called hull & machinery insurance, provides financial protection against physical damage […]

Public Liability Insurance

What does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

In the UAE, companies often overlook Public Liability Insurance. They try their best to cater to the needs of a growing population but don’t prepare for the problems that come along. They take responsibility but not cautiously. One of the major reasons for companies to avoid this insurance is lack […]


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