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Travel Insurance

People travel for various reasons:
Vacation / Holiday
Visiting Family/Friends
Cultural Exchange
Business Conference
Studying abroad

Most travels go as planned but sometimes there are hiccups like flight cancellation, missed flight, loss of travel documents, loss of baggage, sudden illness or accidents. These hiccups can prove to be a nightmare in an alien, or even a known, land. How can you successfully manage these stressful situations?

Travel Insurance plans through New Age Insurance Brokers

New Age Insurance Brokers has tied up with several regional and international travel insurance service providers and can facilitate getting you the best plan suited for you. A range of policies is available to make good the loss or minimize the inconvenience. Our travel insurance provides you with the most popular benefits like emergency medical expenses, accidental death &dismemberment (AD&D) and lost travel document service amongst others.

Emergency Medical Expenses: If you’re traveling abroad, you need to know that you and your family will be taken care of in case of any emergencies. With our Travel Insurance plans, you have the peace of mind of 24-hour access to our worldwide medical helpline, providing expert help and advice wherever you are in the world.

Lost Travel Document Service: If ever you were unfortunate enough to lose your passport, personal money or travel documents when abroad, the insurance provider’s passport assistance service is an invaluable cover which also includes credit card fraud. It will assist you to pay for your extra travel and accommodation costs, leaving you free to arrange your new passport and getting home.

Accidental Death Cover and Dismemberment cover: It is similar to a life insurance policy in that in case of death or dismembering injury to the insured person while traveling, the beneficiary will receive the benefit. In case you also have a life insurance policy, the benefits under AD&D cover are in addition to the benefits that will be paid by the life insurance policy.

Optional Riders

You can also purchase plans that include riders such as hazardous activities riders. These riders provide additional coverage for injuries or death occurring due to the participation in adventure sports and activities. Similarly, war risk riders provide coverage if death or dismemberment occurs as a result of a war. These riders are normally not covered by travel insurance.

For certain terror-prone areas or countries, New Age Insurance Brokers can facilitate a broad range of benefits covering acts of terrorism too. Coverage for some winter sports and golf can also be added to your policy. The only pre-condition is that you should inform us about any intended activity or sports during the trip. This will make us ensure that you are adequately covered. In a nutshell, our travel insurance plans offer glitch-free service, global reach and unparalleled operational efficiency.

Traveling should be an exciting experience from start to finish. New Age Insurance Brokers will take care of your travel concerns and ensure you have complete peace of mind.

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