House and Mortgage Insurance


Not only is your home your safe haven, a place you can call your own, it is also one of your biggest investments. And for an investment of this size and proportion, the stakes are high. The resulting fallout from a disastrous event can be financially devastating. The risk of living without Home Insurance is not worth it.

Home Insurance protects homeowners in the UAE by covering losses and damages to their house and their assets, caused by unpredicted events such as theft, fire, vandalism, water damage from leaks, lightning etc. It ensures that your physical loss of your hard-earned property and household belongings does not cost you should an unpleasant incident take place.

Home Insurance is divided to cover three types of property:

Building Insurance: if you own your home, this cover will insure the building structure for total or partial damage and other related risks such as damage to personal property due to vandalism or theft. Loss of rent or accommodation due to such incidents, replacement of locks and keys, injury to yourself or family inside the house as well as occupier/tenant liability will be covered under this policy.

Insurance premium depends on factors such as an age of the building, rebuilding value, history or risk of damage as well as location.

Home Contents Insurance: this plan applies to both owners and tenants and includes loss or damage to home contents such as furniture, appliances and art.

In the event of a claim, of high value home contents such as high-end appliances and musical instruments you will need the original proof of purchase (e.g. Receipt)

Personal belonging insurance: Both homeowners or tenants can benefit from this package and it means that all the valuables such as jewellery and personal electronics can be replaced in the case of loss or damage whether in or outside.

To determine the difference between personal belongings and home contents, just remember that personal belonging is anything that can be worn or carried on that person- home contents cannot.

Try to avoid underestimating or over estimating the real value of your property and your household contents, or you might find yourself paying too little or too much for your UAE Home insurance. As good as it may sound to pay less for your home insurance policy, it could mean that some incidents or some home items will not be covered under your insurance.

To skip on unnecessary spending or future disappointment on what your insurance can’t cover, it is important to have an up to date valuation of your home and household possessions so that you can get everything covered.

It is recommended you take pictures of your household items and where they are placed beforehand, as well as keeping receipts of valuables, so that in the event of an insurance claim, you will be able to provide proof.

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