What is Group Business Travel Insurance?

Group business travel insurance is a popular business travel insurance option for corporates and businesses that send their employees on frequent business trips. Business travel is an essential part of business operations and activities in today’s corporate world to accomplish the company’s objectives. Like any other travel, business travel is also full of risks and challenges such as flight delays, sickness, and injuries overseas. In certain cases, employers need to bear the costs associated with medical expenses and the loss due to the unavailability of their employees. This is where group business travel insurance policies come into the picture to provide coverage to businesses under these circumstances.

With group business travel insurance, business executives can travel with confidence that at least some of the losses are covered in case of any emergencies. These insurance policies are designed for employers to provide travel insurance to their employees going on a business trip for the company’s work. Group business travel insurance plans provide worldwide coverage to employees of a company that has enrolled in a program as per their requirements. There is no need for disclosure of employees who may or will go on a business trip and all the employees are covered automatically into the program to avail the benefit of travel insurance when they are on a business trip.

As an employer, you can enroll in a group business travel plan based on the “travel days” expected during the policy term. Any employee traveling during the policy term will automatically be enrolled in the policy to avail of its benefits. The proposition under group business travel insurances is issued in real-time through a WIS platform.

Getting a Group Business Travel Insurance Policy provides coverage for emergency medical care and assistance. It gives both the employer and employee peace of mind on a business trip. A group business insurance policy covers the following on domestic as well as international travel:

  • Personal Accident Coverage
  • Coverage for Medical Expense
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Mobile Phone Charges
  • Trip Cancellation and/or Curtailment
  • Flight or Baggage Delay
  • Home Contents Protection
  • Credit Card Indemnity
  • Loss or damage of Baggage and Travel Documents
  • Other coverages

Key Reasons to Buy Group Business Travel Insurance Policy

  • Provides comprehensive and worldwide coverage to business travellers
  • All the authorized business trips are automatically covered
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance, case management, and global claims are available
  • Available based on the “travel days” expected
  • Competitive premiums when compared to individual travel insurance
  • Arrangements of appointments with local doctors for medical care

Business travel is exciting but everything comes with a responsibility and duty of care. Getting a group business travel insurance is a sensible approach to providing travel insurance coverage to employees in the corporate world. At New Age Insurance Brokers, we help companies to find and apply for corporate travel insurance to meet their specific needs at competitive premiums. Contact us for a free consultation and discuss your requirements.