Sijo C Mathews

Sijo C Mathews, a Navy veteran, retired but not tired – now helping others retire.

An expert in Critical Illness Insurance – Living Insurance as he calls it, Sijo assists clients to ensure that a loss in income will not impact their lifestyle.

A 12 year & now lifetime member of the elite MDRT, current Country Chair & also the proud flag bearer of his adopted home UAE, at the 2016 MDRT annual conference in Toronto, Canada.

With the right accreditations, qualifications and strong client base, Sijo is considered among the experts in Life Insurance.  He helps clients to

“Keep your promises & dreams alive”.

The promises made to loved ones & the dreams they have for a bright future.

A family man, avid reader & weekend DJ. Visited 50 countries and counting. Seeing new places and learning about cultures helps to connect with clients in an “Expat Hub” like UAE.

Once home, he spends time with his wife Vineetha & pets.