Is Windscreen Damage Covered by Car Insurance?

Insurance agent estimates the cost of damaged car after clash with a deer

While driving, optimal vision on the road is important. And this is only possible if your windscreen is in perfect condition. You cannot drive with a damaged windscreen. It’s considered that a car isn’t safe and roadworthy if the windscreen is damaged or its condition is not perfect.

Repairing a damaged windscreen is not a big thing. In the UAE, almost every car garage repairs the damaged windscreen. The only thing that matters is the cost. If you have insurance, the cost might get covered partially or fully.

Reasons to invest in windscreen damage policy

Usually, windscreen damage requires replacement, which is a bit expensive. The insurance covers this. Other than this, the windscreen damage policy covers the repair costs of small chips and cracks that gradually become a big problem if not repaired on time.

Some of the windscreen damage policy extends to the car’s side windows and rear window by giving additional benefits. But some of the policy is narrowed only to front and back windscreens

If you have a car incorporated with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), things might be a bit more complicated for you. Any tiny crack or chip in the windscreen requires recalibration of the ADAS. The process seems simple but it’s not. Also, it isn’t cheap. Without insurance coverage, you will have to pay the entire cost of the process.

Windscreen damage is covered by car insurance or not 

Whether windscreen damage is covered by car insurance or not is based on the insurer you use and the policy you have with them. Many insurers include windscreen damage in the standard car insurance with no extra charges, while others offer this cover as an optional add-on after paying an additional premium to the regular car insurance policy.

Both options have pros and cons. If the windscreen damage is covered by your standard car insurance, there will be no additional cost but the coverage might be limited. The insurance might cover certain kinds of damage or damage gained from specific circumstances. On the other hand, if you pay extra and get a policy specifically for your car’s windscreen, you might get tailored coverage. In other words, the coverage will depend on what you want or need from this kind of insurance. The Coverage can be limited in terms of having an additional payment over and above coverage limit mentioned in the policy terms and conditions

This isn’t all. Whether the windscreen damage is covered by your standard car insurance or taken by you additionally, the terms and conditions matter. This depends on the insurer you are connecting with. Just keep in mind that no two insurance providers are the same, though the policy is the same. So, before investing, you should check the terms and conditions and make sure you have the cover you want.

For example, many insurance providers offer coverage only if you use one of their approved repairers. If you don’t use any of their repairers, the premium for the policy might increase or there might be certain limitations. The choice is all yours. You can research thoroughly and look for insurance providers that don’t have such a condition.

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