How Much Money Do I Need For Retirement?

Retirement Plan

A question like, “how much do you need to save to retire comfortably in the UAE?” lacks a definitive answer. Because when it comes to retirement, every individual is unique. Some may aspire to retire early and possess a luxurious villa or explore the world through travel, while others may opt to cease working at 65 and lead a simple life. Another crucial factor is the allocation of retirement funds towards expenses, legacy planning etc.

The typical monthly wage of an individual in the UAE is an impressive Dh21,500, encompassing a wide salary spectrum from the lowest at Dh4,500 to upwards of Dh150,000. The figure that represents the average monthly income inclusive of housing, transportation, and other perks, culminating in an annual earnings of Dh258,000. Living expenses fall within the range of Dh6,000 to Dh8,000 per month, amounting to approximately Dh85,000 for a year of residence in the UAE for an individual.

Consequently, considering the current rates, the cost of living in the UAE for approximately 15 years after retirement can be estimated at a substantial Dh1.3 million. It is crucial to take this expense into account when planning to retire in the UAE. Please also note that if your salary is higher then the expected amount required for retirement is also higher.

Optimal Timing is Key

Timeless advice suggests that the optimal moment to commence saving for your retirement was a decade ago. The next favorable opportunity, however, lies in the present. This implies that initiating your savings and investment endeavors at the earliest possible moment not only enhances long-term returns but also capitalizes on the profound impact of compound interest. Embarking on a well-structured retirement plan during your youth presents a plethora of benefits. The earlier you commence, the lesser the amounts required to be set aside for your retirement nest egg.

Expand Your Investment Portfolio

Financial advisors consistently emphasize the importance of not solely relying on a single investment option, regardless of the magnitude of your monthly income or the allure of a particular scheme. Investments come in various categories, classified as High Risk, Moderate Risk, and Low Risk.

High-risk investments hold the potential for significant returns, while low-risk investments provide enhanced security albeit with modest returns. Diversifying your retirement portfolio by distributing it among several investments effectively mitigates risk. Investing inherently entails risk, yet diversification provides the necessary buffer that if one investment falters, the others persist in working to your advantage.

Craft a Budgeted Lifestyle and Evaluate Expenses

Budgeting plays a pivotal role in an individual’s life, especially when we are strategizing to save up for retirement. When preparing a budget, it is essential to meticulously analyze expenses and ensure that we are not spending frivolously. Expenses like medical emergencies, routine healthcare costs, and visits to friends and relatives tend to be particularly costly.

Therefore, when incurring such expenses, it is crucial to be highly cost-conscious. In addition to effectively managing expenses, it is imperative to ensure that we are saving a sufficient amount of money to facilitate a seamless retirement.

Seek Guidance from a Specialist

If you’re the type of person who avoids financial decisions due to a perceived lack of knowledge, consider seeking expert guidance. A knowledgeable professional can provide insights into significant economic trends, diverse asset classes, and suitable investment options aligned with your goals. When making investment choices, it’s essential to inquire about the commissions advisors may receive and the fees associated with your investments.


Embarking on a retirement plan can be challenging and bewildering; thus, it is crucial not to hesitate in seeking expert assistance. To optimize the potential of your retirement savings, it is advisable to actively invest the funds rather than allowing them to remain idle. Take proactive steps towards your retirement plan as early as possible.

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