How Much Does Car Insurance In Dubai Cost?

Car Insurance In Dubai

In Dubai, purchasing car insurance is a requirement, and the prices of car insurance differ based on a number of variables and also on car insurance companies in Dubai. Let us have a look at the primary factors that affect Dubai’s car insurance costs.

Key Factors That Affect Car Insurance Premiums:

1. Car Value:

The cost of your car insurance is greatly impacted by the value of your car. The premium typically increases with the value of the car. This is because of the increased expenses for repair and replacement. Luxury cars and high-end vehicles typically have higher insurance rates.

2. Age and Type of Car:

The age and kind of car are crucial components in calculating the insurance price. There are various degrees of risk attached to various car models. Due to their heightened risk of theft or accidents, sports cars or other high-performance vehicles may have higher rates. Similarly, older cars may have higher premiums since they are more likely to experience technical problems or require more expensive repairs.

3. Type of Coverage:

Depending on the level of coverage you choose, your car insurance will cost differently. Third-party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance are the two primary varieties of auto insurance offered in Dubai. The minimum amount required by law is third-party insurance, which is usually less expensive than comprehensive insurance.

4. Driver’s Age and Experience:

The insurance premium is influenced by the policyholder’s age and driving history. Younger drivers, especially those under 25, frequently pay higher premiums because their age group is seen as carrying a higher risk. Also, drivers with a short driving history or a history of collisions may pay higher premiums.

5. Discount for No Claims:

Insurance providers in Dubai reward policyholders with a no-claims discount (NCD) if they refrain from filing any claims for a predetermined amount of time. This discount can substantially lower the price of the premium. Your discount might increase over time and decrease premiums the longer you keep a claim-free record.

6. Personal Factors:

Your career, where you live, and your marital status are all individual characteristics that may have an impact on the price of your car insurance. When calculating the premium, insurance carriers take into account statistical data and risk factors related to these variables.


How Can I Calculate My Car Insurance Premium?

The base cost of coverage is calculated by multiplying the vehicle’s Insured Declared Value (IDV) by the premium and add-on rates. The premium is then decreased by deducting the no-claim bonus and promotional reductions.


Car Insurance Premium = (IDV x premium rates + add-on rates) – (no claim bonus + promotional discounts)



  • The IDV represents the vehicle’s market value.
  • The insurance provider sets premium rates depending on risk factors.
  • Optional coverage is reflected in add-on rates.
  • A claim-free history is rewarded with a no-claim incentive, and promotional reductions provide further savings.


This formula can help you calculate the final premium while taking into account various features of the policy and the eligibility of the policyholder for reductions.

How Do I Lower My Car Insurance Premiums in Dubai?

You can do the following to lower Dubai car insurance premiums:


  • To find the best deals, compare prices from various car insurance companies in Dubai.
  • You can choose a bit higher deductible, which is the amount you must pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage begins.
  • To qualify for a no-claim bonus, keep up a clean driving record.
  • Put tracking systems or anti-theft devices in your car as safety features.
  • Avoid filing minor claims that might affect your no-claim bonus.
  • For multi-policy discounts, bundle your car insurance with other insurance policies.
  • Take defensive driving lessons to show that you can drive responsibly.


When calculating the rate, car insurance companies in Dubai take into account statistical data and risk factors related to these variables. You can learn more about car insurance from New Age Insurance Brokers, one of the best car insurance brokers in Dubai. Just give us a call at +971 4 357 3378 or send us an email at