Contractor’s All Risk


Dubai features amongst the list of globally competitive cities for best practices in development.  The incredible speed of development and growth has enthralled the world.  Often the Dubai model is referred to by other nations and cities to scale greater heights.  The Smart Dubai 2021 initiative envisions a city where all its resources are optimized for maximum efficiency, creating the most enriched life and business experience for all.

 Dubai is buzzing with activity in the construction, hospitality and allied fields. This development comes with its own risks. These risks can become significant burdens that may come up unexpectedly. Work accidents, bad weather, third-party injuries, property damage etc. all represent risks that cannot be controlled, which may hinder business activity, compromise the company’s image, or ruin it financially. In order to support this fast-paced development, interests of the company, its workers and contractors need to be protected against the various risks facing this sector. Hence the need for a Contractors’ All Risk Insurance policy.

 A Contractor’s All Risk Insurance is specific to contractors and providers covers for any contract work, plus the tools and equipment that are being used. It’s designed to protect both permanent and temporary construction works, to ensure protection against claims for loss or damage to the property. In addition, you will get covered for damage to machinery that’s owned or hired in for the work.

There are two types of protection.  The first is protection against physical loss or damage due to accidental damage, fire, lightning, flood, storm, collapse, burglary, theft, damage due to malicious intent, breakdown, explosion, act of terror, defects in material design and workmanship, earthquake and volcanic activity etc.

The second is third party liability arising out of injury caused to third party due to the negligence of the insured and accidental damage to others’ property.  Apart from this there is also a maintenance cover that protects the insured against loss or damage during the course of maintenance.

The following considerations go into the calculation of premium under the Contractors’ All Risk Insurance Policy.  These are Contract Value, Value of Equipment(s), Contract period, Contractor History and Experience.  Policies can either be Annual (for contractors handling multiple projects) or for specific contracts, valid till the duration of the contract.

Why New Age Insurance Brokers?

New Age Insurance Brokers works with leading insurance companies to provide the right cover you need for your project(s). Our experienced staff can guide you on the protection you need with respect to damages that could arise in major construction projects like flyovers, airports, shopping malls and sewage treatment plants as well as for smaller projects.

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