Common Mistakes Made While Filing a Medical Claim

Filing a medical claim and getting it approved is already very complicated. However, when your insurer rejects your medical claim at the time when you need financial aid for medical emergencies the most, may leave you helpless and even hopeless. In most cases, the reasons behind the disapproval of medical claims are the mistakes that policyholders make while filing medical claims.

At New Age Insurance Brokers, LLC, we have been assisting our clients with their selection of medical insurance and submission of medical claims in the UAE for more than a decade. Thus, we are in the best position to help you in this area.

Here is a rundown of the mistakes frequently made by medical policyholders when they file medical insurance claims. Keep them in mind while filing the current or next medical claim to increase your chances of medical claim approval.

  1. Incomplete Documents

Failure to provide complete documentation while filing a medical claim can instantly disapprove your medical claim. So, provide complete supporting documents when you submit a medical insurance claim. These documents may include but are not limited to bills with receipts, results of requested diagnostics, and correct and completed claim form with sign and stamp of hospital or clinic. When providing personal documents like a driver’s license, make sure that your documents are up to date.

  1. Late Submission

You must stick to deadlines as stipulated by your medical insurance provider while filing claims. The chances of insurance fraud are higher when a claim is submitted long after the hospital discharge. Sometimes, late claim submissions can also mean that the insurance provider has already offered the no-claim bonus for renewal. Thus, to avoid insurance fraud and confusion, insurance providers require their policyholders to adhere to stipulated claim submission deadlines. All insurers have a time limit for submitting reimbursement documents, and delay in submission will lead to denial of the claim.

  1. Incorrect/Incomplete Bank Details

Nowadays, insurance companies prefer direct bank transfers to the insured’s account. Any discrepancy in bank details, whether it is unintentional or intentional, can cause problems in getting your medical claim. So, make sure that proper beneficiary details are entered in the mobile app/website of your insurance provider.

  1. Incomplete Claim Form

Always ensure that you fill out all of the parts of your claim completely and correctly. Double-check your registered phone number, address, and other information before submitting your claim application. Submitting an incomplete or incorrect claim form can delay your claim approval process or even result in claim rejection. We understand that you might be mentally stressed at such times. So, take your time, get professional help, and fill out the medical claim form patiently.

Bonus Tip: It is recommended to avail direct billing instead of reimbursement as most insurers penalize by adding co-pay for going out of network.

Not being aware of the common mistakes made while claiming medical insurance can mean not being able to take advantage of the very medical insurance scheme for which you have been paying premium till now.

Thus, it is important that you complete the filing process of medical claims correctly. Avoiding mistakes during medical claim submission is the only way that you are most likely to be paid out quickly as much as possible for the financial loss you or your loved one has suffered.

If you need any help with medical claim submission or have any queries related to medical insurance, please feel free to contact us today.