Group Medical Insurance


Happy employees are productive employees.

Ensure the financial stability of your employees in case of health emergencies. Insurance solutions for the employees is an essential part of the reward package and is a decisive factor while an employee evaluates the employer. Retain the best workforce by providing a comprehensive medical coverage and run a productive office, because at the end of the day investment in the employees reflects in the company returns.

Property Insurance


Keep your business financially whole even after a calamity. Protect your biggest assets including your offices, industrial units, shopping malls, factories and all properties associated with your business. You can avail a general property insurance cover to protect your property or go for specialized form of insurance cover like fire insurance, earthquake insurance, flood insurance etc.

Property insurance can cover the repair and replacement needs arising out of fire, theft, storm, floods and other extensive damage causing situations. Extra options are available to cover the contents as well as the loss of revenue on business that is conducted on the premises.

We can tailor-make an insurance cover to fit your needs including the damage to property, public liability, loss of rental income and other optional extras.

Workmen’s Compensation


A workmen’s compensation policy covers a corporate’s statutory liability towards its employee in case of injuries or other occupational hazards. Mandated by law and obligatory on the part of the company, workmen’s compensation policy helps mitigate employer’s liability in the event of a work-related accident and ensures compliance with the law.  This low-cost policy is a must and great value-for-money for all employers in the U.A.E.

Let us help you take care of your potential liabilities in accordance with the labor laws.

Professional Indemnity Insurance


Professional Indemnity cover is an insurance solution for lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, doctors and similar category of professionals against omission and error claims that might arise during the course of offering their services to their clients.
Professional Indemnity insurance will aid against a client’s claims of misrepresentation, malpractice, negligence and errors or omission. It will provide the professional’s and the business they are associated with, a safety net to cover their legal costs or pay for the correction of a mistake. Availing such policy will prevent an adverse impact of such claims on the company’s balance sheet, protect the professional’s against damage to their reputation, and the professionals stays indemnified in case of an allegation.

Cyber Risk Insurance


Cyber Risk Insurance cover protects you and your business from the proliferating internet-based risks. A Cyber Risks insurance cover will provide immunity against the risks stemming out of the information technology related infrastructures and activities. The traditional commercial insurance products tend to exclude or ignore these risks.
Availing this insurance cover can protect you against losses that arise out of data destruction, theft, extortion, hacking, and DoS attacks. The cyber risk insurance coverage extends to losses caused by errors and omissions and failure to safeguard the data as well as coverage for defamation. Additional benefits of this product include coverage of post-incident public relation expenses, continuous security audits and other investigative expenses.



Engineering Insurance policy safeguards clients against various risks associated with construction projects and installation of plant and machinery in various projects.
This insurance product can be divided into two categories, based on type of project (Contractor’s All Risk and Erection All Risk) and attribute of the project (Contractor’s Plant and Equipment, Electronic Equipment, Deterioration of Stock, Boiler and Machinery Breakdown insurance etc.).
With strong relationships with various insurance companies, we can tailor-make a plan that would suit your needs the most.

Marine Cargo


Transportation of commodities or goods is innate to businesses, but risky. They are susceptible to damages or losses during transit due to breakage, shortages, moisture, short landing, water damage, pilferage, non-delivery and theft.  Marine Cargo Insurance provides coverage to the goods being transported via water, air or land or in combination. It covers the expenses in case of loss or damage and is a viable solution to any party with an insurable interest pinning on the shipment. The policy is transferable as ownership changes during transportation.
Our advisors have experience working with many kinds of cargo, including hazardous cargo, and can help you secure the right cover at the right price.


Fleet Policy


A fleet policy can cover all your company’s vehicles and drivers on a single policy. Choosing a fleet cover will not only make management of your fleet insurance and claims easy but might prove to be less expensive as compared to covering each driver and vehicle separately.

Contractor’s All Risk


This non-standard insurance policy provides cover to the contractors for property damage as well as third-party damage claims. The damage to the property includes improper construction, damages due to renovation and damage to the temporary work erected on the construction site. Third party damages include injuries to sub-contractors.

The Contractor’s all Risk policy bridges both the damages into one single package and provides immunity to the contractor. These policies are recommended for major construction projects including buildings, flyovers, airports, sewage treatment plants and water tanks.

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